5.56MM Mag Pouch

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It is a style of 5.56mm Machine Gun Charger Holder, is for Spanish military.

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The fabric is 3 layer, outer part is 100% polyamide 6.6 camouflage, 1000D, weight is 225GSM, with high color fastness, waterproof and the remission to infrared lights between 800-1200 nm is within the percentage ranges indicated below for each colour:
Desert camouflage
Beige (Base colour): 45% to 65%
Dun: 35% to 55%
Brown: 20% to 40%
Jungle camouflage
Dun: 35% to 50%
Light green: 45% to 60%
Greyish green: 45% to 60%
Dark green: 35% to 50%
Brown: 30% to 45%
Black: 20% to 35%.
The requirement we can meet by the original fabric and also after 10 repetitive washes at 40 degree. It can be customized for color and also other detail requirement for the fabric.

And inner part is exactly same quality as outer area, but solid color. Between of two fabric, it is one layer hard foam. To let the fabric more harder and the pouch looks like a box

It made by main pouch case and also a flap, all of them are same fabric as above detail. The pouch width is 17.5CM+/-0.5CM. Height is 21cm+/-0.5cm. It is suitable for holding 5.56MM machine Gun Charge. And the covering flap which width is exactly same as pouch. It is closed by a nylon buckle female part sewn with pouch by a tape in the middle of pouch, one polyester tape across the buckle female part and fasten on the flap. Male part of bukle sewn with a tape accordingly on the bottom of pouch. There are another two elastic band width 4CM joined at the side of pouch. Each other are horizontal. Ending of both of them, there is a buckle female part. On the other hand, accordingly, fasten with another side of pouch, male part of buckle are there. On the flap of pouch, there is a hanger made by an adjustment tape with a buckle to change hanger’s length according to user’s situation.

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