army long legging with contrast sewing thread

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Tight long pants, for sports use. Composed of: front and rear.
Each two pieces for both front and back,the union seams between both front and these with the rear and the rest of the pieces,they are flat to avoid discomfort to the user.
The hem end in a 15mm wide hem, made using a 402 flatlock seam. Right over the zipper that is placed on the bottom, the seams begin to join the side piece .
This piece has a length of 260mm and a width of 40mm at its widest part.
The waist is an extension of the legs, bending inward at the top to form a hem of 40mm, where an elastic tape with a built-in cord is inserted. The tape has a width of 35mm and is sewn to the waist at the bottom. For the exit of the cord, a buttonhole is made on each side of the seam
union of the forwards, making said exit from the inside. On the left leg, at 40mm from the bottom of the waistband and at 50mm from the side seam, the flag of Spain, with dimensions of 25mm wide by 15mm high.
The legs is only one piece. They are joined together and with the rest of the pieces, by means of flat sewing. The bass shall end in a 15mm wide hem, made using a 402 flat lock seam.
The joining seam with the front ones is interrupted at 200mm from the bottom, where a zipper will be located, so the same length, give width to the leg. This zipper is covered, on one of its sides, by a strip gray reflective fabric, 5mm wide. The upper piece will have a rectangular shape, with rounded peaks, 130mm wide at its top and 135mm high in the center. It joins to the rear legs by means of a flat seam and, its upper extension, form an inward hem which, together with the hem that formed the leg loops rear, create a 40mm hem, where an elastic strap with a built-in cord will be inserted. Bliss tape has a width of 35mm and is sewn to the waist at the bottom. Centered on this top piece, at 15mm from the bottom stitching of the waistband, a zipper of 120mm that will close the inside pocket, made of the same fabric and with a height of 70mm. The closing zipper will be covered, above and inside, with reflective gray fabric, 5mm high. The triangular piece is 70mm wide at the top and 100mm high in the center. Serve as
seam between the joining seam of the rear legs and the joining seam of the front legs, giving breadth to the garment.

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