Spanish Army Australian Hat Ir Woodland Brimmed Hat

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There are three size for this style, it is formed by crown, band, brim, lining,sweatband and also embroidery army badge.

The crown

It’s measurement depends on the band perimeter.


Made from one piece, truncated cone-shaped. It is joined to the crown with a double overstitched loaded seam and between them with an open, ironed seam, with a stitch at each side to make it stronger. The joining seam of the piece will be located at the centre back.Its heigh at the front will be (45 ± 2) mm and (40 ± 2) mm at the back. The band, at the sides, will have four rings with mesh, for ventilation, two on each side, with a distance of (53 ± 2) mm between them and a height of (23 ± 2) mm with respect to the crown of the head (fig. 3).

The lower part will be joined to a (33 ± 2) mm wide belt by a loaded seam and between them, with an open, ironed seam leaving an opening at the centre back for a cord to go through for size adjustment, which will have a blocking piece incorporated to fix it.

Around the entire band and also adjusted on the belt, there will be a camouflaged elastic tape (27 ± 1) mm wide, joined to this using a number of bar tacks that will vary according to sizes, with a distance of (75 ± 2) mm and (38 ± 2) mm between them alternately.


Is made of double fabric and reinforced by a padded layer (wadding) and an adhesive reinforcement (support fabric), both interior, each of the outer parts being formed by two pieces that is joined together by an open, ironed seam, with a stitch at each side. The brim will be joined to the belt by a normal seam and loaded by the sweatband, the cord ends being inseted into the sides which, using a blocking piece, allow the garment to be fastened to the head.


It is formed by a strip of double-sided fabric, 36mm wide, which is sewn to the lining and the brim, leaving room for the size adjustment cord to pass in between them.

On its inside, it has a piece of velcro hook side, 25mm high, sewn to it, to provide comfort and to aid transpiration.


It covers the crown and the band completely. It is fixed to them using the same join seams and at the bottom to the band-sweatband set.

Embroidery logo

It is a black color embroidery logo as army requirement.

There are three size for this style. Each of them will cover a third or fourth of the corresponding sizes between 53 and 62 (it will be understood that the interval between the sizes will refer in each stretch to the larger one in order to be able to be adjusted).






53 to 55

56 to 58

59 to 62

The fabric is rip-stop, is strength enough and also with multi-function eg.IR, antibacterial etc.

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